About us

Sonorous Arts began its journey in software and web development, sound design and music production since 2016. The team started gathering experience since their school years. Our primitive works were mostly mixing and mastering audio and music for various sources, as well as working on small programming projects. We worked on tiny software-development projects, learning different programming languages, sound editing, mixing and mastering for podcasts and music productions.

Becoming Official

We began working on an online FPS (First Person Shooter) in late 2016. The audio game, named Firefight, was released in 2017. Although it was a success among audio game players (especially for its mechanics), the team had to discontinue it due to the limitations of BGT(Blastbay Game Toolkit), which was not designed for such a heavy project.

Birth of Sonorous Arts

A few years passed. During this time, the team became proficient and experienced in online communication protocols, utilizing them in Python, and exploring other aspects of sound design. Thus, Sonorous Arts was born in the year 2020. We then appeared on social media, namely Instagram and YouTube. At the next stage, we seeked to secure an office, and started a corporation.

Getting into it, literally!

Going forward, our first project as a corporation was Accessibility Bundle which aims to implement accessibility for certain VST plugins, by either making an inaccessible user interface partially accessible, Or utilizing some techniques to improve usability through keyboard shortcuts, for screen-reader users. At the time of this writing, various other projects are in development; Some of them are planned to be released in around mid 2024. News about our new products will be published on our website and social media.

The Story Continues

We are the Sonorous Arts; Programmers, designers and creators. Our story is still being written. Contact us

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